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1.  FastTrack Fundraising - I recommend visiting this site and requesting the free kit before you do anything else.  They will include some free fund raiser cards that earned us more money than any other project along with a lot of information for some very cool ideas!  The sample kit is FREE, so grab it now!
Fundraisers are the core of building a financially stable youth group or ministry.  Although car washes are one of the most popular choices for a church fundraiser, there are many alternatives that can help you generate a substantial profit.  Church fundraisers should not only be profitable, but fun too.

Our church drama club participated in many of the fundraisers from the sites below, primarily Fast Track Fund Raising.  We also created some of our own such as making and selling candles, paid overnight lockins and auctioning off teenagers for a couple hours to help individuals in the community. 

Church Fundraiser Ideas

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